Saturday, March 17, 2012

A McClary and a Bracelet

This is a charming story of two objects that have a Canadian history with a link to the province of Saskatchewan. My father-in-law tells us how his mother acquired these two pieces from a friend of hers. Thank you for visiting us here. Michelle and Bev

Lovely Cree silver bracelet

"What does an early cast iron roaster and a silver bracelet have in common? They were  once owned by a good friend of my mother's, an elderly lady with a story to tell. As a young girl, she fell in love and married a black man. This did not go over well with many of their neighbours in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. They were both treated as outcasts by most of their community but were accepted with open arms at a Cree Indian settlement where they lived very happily. The lady mentioned to my mother that she wished to part with some of her personal possessions and asked if she would help find a buyer for some of them. My mother purchased from her a beautiful McClary roaster and a lovely silver bracelet that a Cree lady had given to her. She also found a buyer for a fine old coffee grinder and a pair of running shoes that once belonged to her beloved son whom she was so proud of. The running shoes went to a museum.  Her son's name was Harry Jerome"

Old McLary cast iron roaster

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Le Loup said...

A lovely story, typical of The People's hospitality taking them in & unfortunately so typical of white society not accepting them.
Regards, Keith aka Miingan aka Le Loup.

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