Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Be an Airman


A colourful board game, airmen in training and the Royal Canadian Air Force. How does a board game fit in with WWII wartime efforts to train new pilots? Please read this fascinating story from  Vintage Wings of Canada (click here to view website) to find out. This is indeed a very important part of Canadian history. 

Owen Cathcart-Jones (left) designed "Be an Airman" board game,
Edie Cross (middle - my father-in-law's mother) and friend (right) Helen Herbert. 
Photo was taken at Cowichan Bay, 1942.

Owen Cathcart-Jones as Chief Flying Instructor in the film "Captains of the Clouds".
Photo from Vintage Wings of Canada

This painting was done by Squadron Leader Owen Cathcart- Jones
when he was an advisor on the movie 'Captains of the Clouds'.
He also played a part in the movie. The painting shows the
Hudsons Bay Co. trading post where the movie was filmed.
When my father-in-law was ten years old,
Cathcart-Jones gave him this lovely paintin

WWWI Pilot - Artist Owen Cathcart-Jones

WWI Pilot Cathcart-Jones Fighter Attack, Artist Owen Cathcart-Jones

WWI Pilot Cathcart-Jones Fighter Formation

WWI Pilot Cathcart-Jones Pilot Solo

WWI Pilot Cathcart Jones Fighter Pilot

WWI Pilot Cathcart-Jones Shot Down

Websites of Interest:

Captains of the Clouds
A Fleeting Peace

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