Tuesday, August 30, 2011

History Etched in Stone

We just arrived back from a three day visit to beautiful Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island, where we stayed with our uncle Alan who lives at the lake. We thoroughly enjoyed a restful stay and spent most of our time by the waterside swimming and boating. During one of our boat trips with Alan and Ruth, we stopped by the prehistoric petroglyphs, named K'ak'awin, on the eastern end of Sproat Lake Provincial Park. The age of these petroglyphs is unknown - they were most likely carved by ancestors of the Nootka people. The carvings depict ancient marine creatures - was Sproat Lake once inhabited by strange water monsters ? It is fascinating to view these rock face carvings so close up - my imagination stepped back in time a few thousand years - what was life like in this part of the world so many thousands of years ago ?!

Rock carvings (petroglyphs) at
Sproat Lake Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

I have included a few photos of these wonderful carvings - they are a little difficult to view as they are worn from age. I feel these are an important part of Vancouver Island history and should be included in our Relics and Tales. I will also include a photo or two of the Hawaii Mars water bomber which was situated only minutes away from the petroglyphs. These flying water tankers live at Sproat Lake. Thank you for viewing! Michelle

Water Bomber on Sproat Lake

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A West Coast Summer

It has been a busy summer here on the coast of Vancouver Island. We have been enjoying the ocean, fresh air and company of family while visiting the Southern Gulf Islands. These beautiful islands are surrounded by ocean, mountain vistas and breathtaking scenery which attract many boaters, hikers, campers, bikers or anyone searching for a rest from a busy lifestyle. These bucolic islands have become our favourite destination for short (or long) getaways as we both love the quiet rural and slower-pace environment. There are museums, markets, artisans, art galleries, restaurants, hiking/biking and walking trails, parks and picnic sites...and so much more to enjoy... if one wants to explore.

Most important, these islands are deep-rooted in history by our Coastal First Nations which dates back thousands of years before European settlers arrived - evidence is seen throughout with their petroglyphs, middens and relics found at various sites on the Gulf Islands. These are precious relics and historical artifacts which are part of the islands main history and lore.

For now, I will keep this short as I could write volumes about these beautiful islands and the kind folk there. Thank you for visiting us here on Relics and Tales - we enjoy your company and look forward to your visits. Michelle

Saturday market on Pender Island

Stone statue on Pender Island

Sailing Regatta, Cowichan Bay

Sailing crew - Cowichan Bay

Fishing trawler

Kayakers - Pender Island

Abandoned cabin - Pender Island

Bakery in Cowichan Bay

Saturna winery - acres of vineyards by the sea

Little 'Eva' - hand-built by cousin Kim

Cousin Kim with little 'Eva'

Richard with cousin Kim, on board Kim's boat at Saturna Island

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