Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whaling and a Dipping Pot

Our newest 'whatsit' today is a lovely copper pot which belongs to my father-in-law. This pouring pot has a history linked to the whaling industry. It was used for removing whale oil from a large rendering pot, the oil was poured into barrels where they would then be transported by ship. The pot once had a long handle attached which enabled the fishermen to dip it into a big pot (Try Pot) where they would not be splashed with hot oil. The whaling industry dates back to prehistoric and medieval times and thankfully came to an end early twentieth century when petroleum and electricity became the prime sources of lighting and heat for homes.

We include a few photos of the lovely copper pot which was made by V. Astor, New York, dated early 19th century. Thank you again for visiting us here, we appreciate your visits!


Gillian Olson said...

An interesting pot, with a long history. The last shot of it makes it look a bit like a face with a long nose.

Adam May said...

I see the separate logo on the pot which is from a manufacturer in New York D H & M Company, Wooster St.

I received a pot like this one as a gift (minus the V. Astor imprint) and found that they were made from 1850 to 1936.

I had guessed the handle was designed for a heat application and the insertion of a pole (handle). I had no idea it would be for Whale Oil rendering. What a great anecdote for this fine piece of history.

Thank you for the information you have posted.

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