Friday, January 28, 2011

A Musical Spider

- by the Frying Pan Man

I had an unusual experience in an antique shop where a friend of mine and I recently visited. The shop was quite pleasant but had very few items which sparked my interest. On my way out, I noticed what appeared to be an old musical instrument sitting on a table in a dark corner of the room. I walked over and picked it up and gently rested it on a table by a window. It was a stringed instrument, a dulcimer, and I believed it was most likely played by striking the strings with spoon shaped sticks. I plucked one of the strings and was amazed when a spider leaped out from one of the sounding holes and landed on the vibrating string. When it stopped, the spider ran back into the hole and disappeared. I plucked the string again and without hesitation out came the spider and landed on the vibrating string.

I called my friend over and plucked the string - out he came again and put on a great show which impressed us both. At that moment, another spider, probably its mate, stuck its head out of the hole - it glared very disapprovingly at me. When the string stopped vibrating they both retreated back inside. I did not have the heart to disturb them again so I bought the instrument, brought them home and placed them in a quiet place where they could carry on with their lives. I believe they have now vacated their home. There certainly is no shortage of spiders around here!

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