Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Scoop

I must mention that my father-in-law has some very interesting 'whatsits' for our 'Relics and Tales' - we will keep busy here adding these delightful pieces to our website - bit by bit and over the months and years ahead of us. This is a wonderful occasion for us to view these treasures and take a quick glimpse into the past. This is also a learning curve for me and I am very fortunate to have a father-in-law who is so enthusiastic and enjoys sharing his wonderful stories and knowledge of antiques and artifacts.

Here is another charming little story from 53 years ago - it includes the love of his life, his dear wife, and an ice-cream scooper. What better way to introduce our new 'whatsit' ! Before they were married, the young loving couple would meet after work at the local ice cream parlour where he would buy her a real ice cream treat. The ice cream was scooped out by this very special utensil which made it rectangular in shape and then placed between two biscuits. My father-in-law had such fond memories of these interludes with his wife to be, that years later, being a tool collector, he searched and hoped to find a similar ice cream scoop for his kitchenware collection. Forty years later, he did manage to acquire one which he had traded for a rare piece of early graniteware.

We will also include three other 'whatsits' for today's blog entry. Thank you for viewing, we appreciate your visit!

Joint holder - made to hold the bone of a leg of lamb while carving

Candle wick snipper

Vintage Inuit sewing needles

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