Saturday, August 7, 2010

Old Lures and Hooks

Inuit Scrimshaw Fish

When my father-in-law asked me to add a posting on vintage fishing hooks, I was caught - hook, line and sinker - by his wonderful idea! He thought it would be interesting to present these pictures to show how these beautiful pieces were once made. Not only are they useful items but are artful in design and pretty to look at. Each piece was hand-crafted long ago from ivory, shell, bone, iron, copper, spoon, and other materials. Have a look and enjoy. If you have any comments on these pieces, please add your thoughts below in the 'comment' section. Thank you for visiting our site. Michelle

Hand Forged Halibut Hook

The "Rice" Fishing Spoon

"Rice Spoon" Developed by Colonel Rice
in Maple Bay, Vancouver Island

Oceanic Lure

Inuit Lure

Early Fishing Spoon

Oceanic Lure

West Coast Native Black Cod Hook


Canarybird said...

Really special Michelle! You and Bev make a great team putting together your anecdotes and photos of unusual objects.
S xx

patrick holdsworth said...

i have a inuit scrimshaw fish in eight segments similar to the one you you know any more about its purpose please?

Paul Adams said...

hi, i am wondering if i could use the image of the Inuit scrimshaw fish in a small youtube video about making a similar lure using modern methods.

thanks,Paul Adams

Aedd Karston said...

I love your blog. It 's gorgeous!
cod lures

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