Monday, July 12, 2010

What is that Whatsit - Hiller Atom Ray Gun

This little gem is a Hiller Space Atom Ray Gun, a squirt water pistol designed by American inventor Stanley Hiller, Jr., circa 1948. This little toy conjures up images in my mind from the classic Buck Rogers comic books, or the 1960's science fiction television series 'The Thunderbirds' (one of my favourite television shows as a child).

Check out this website which gives more detail of Mr. Hiller and his inventions.

Buck Rogers to the rescue with his ray gun!

Dick Calkins (1895 - May 12, 1962), who often signed his work Lt. Dick Calkins, was a comic strip artist who is best known for being the first artist to draw the Buck Rogers comic strip

Image borrowed from archive of the Spokane Daily, August 1, 1946

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