Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is that Whatsit -Very Old Inuit Stone Bullet Mold

Thank you everyone for waiting patiently (or otherwise) for the revealing of this mysterious object. This amazing little object(s) is made from stone and is a very old Inuit bullet mold. I cannot say this object is 'stone age' as I do not imagine bullets were invented then !! It is my hope to gather more information and share it with you here on this website.

Thank you for visiting our website, we appreciate your support and enthusiasm!


Le Loup said...

Great post & images, thank you.
Regards, Keith

mike nelson said...

very nice I have one a little different 4 small cup drilled in one side 1 large cup drilled in the other side and 1 hole all the way through 1/2" 3/16' cup 1/4" hole 3" long 1 1/4" wide 1" thick flat on top oval on bottom hole is dark in color

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