Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is that 'Whatsit' - Fire Striker

Flint and Steel Fire Starter

Thank you voters, you guessed it correctly. This is a fire striker, flint and steel fire starter set, used for striking a spark - they are kept in a tinderbox with bits of tinder (click here to see how the spark is created by striking the two together). These are very useful when camping, or in case of emergency. What would one do without matches or lighter while camping? Click here to view website to read other methods for starting a fire - useful information in case of emergency. I am so accustomed to reaching for a match to light a fire in our stove, and never did learn certain 'survival' skills when I was younger. Good to know in case we ever get stranded somewhere far away and remote!

The use of flint and steel goes back to the iron age and was the most common method of fire-starting before the invention of the match.
Click here to view information on 'flint' rock.

Assorted reproduction firesteels

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