Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is that 'Whatsit' - ACME Dog Whistle

Our 'whatsit' today is a 'dog whistle' from ACME, England, a whistle manufacturing company. A write up of the company's origins, taken from their website, says the following (you may click on 'ACME, England" above to view their website).

"Way back in the 1860s, Joseph Hudson, who was a Birmingham trained toolmaker, converted his humble washroom at St. Marks Square, which he rented for 1s. 6d. (one shilling and six pence per week) into a workshop. Here he did anything he could to supplement the family income from watch repairing to cobbling shoes. Today Acme whistles are recognized as some of the finest whistles manufactured in the world today."

The dog whistle was used for training purposes. The high frequency range from the whistle can be heard from dogs but cannot be heard by the human ear. To see more information, please visit the 'Whistle Museum' (click here to visit website) which gives more details of silent dog whistles and their origins. Very interesting.

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Francis Barraud's original photograph of Nipper looking
into an
Edison Bell cylinder phonograph
(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

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