Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Sketch by Warren Hastings (circa 1912 - 1918)

There is a little book, an autograph book, which had been tucked away and forgotten about for so many years. This little gem is almost 100 years old. My father-in-law asked that I photograph the drawings and poems and add them to this blog. What an honour to be asked to do this!

This delightful sketch was done by Warren Hastings circa 1912 - 1918 - it is signed by him (his initials did not show up on this photo) and has no date. I am guessing the date by the other sketches in the book. I will be adding a few more whimsical drawings over the next few days. These small tokens are very special and we would like to share them with you. Thank you. Michelle

Oh blimey, whot’s this ?
My fairest lady wants a kiss
I do not feel today so brave
I have a cold and forgot to shave
-by Michelle

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